October 2 - French Classics

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October 2 - French Classics

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Devin Marhue: Spatchcock Cornish Hen (Friday, October 2, 6:00-7:30pm)

If you have ever been curious to try your hand at Cornish hen, tonight’s class is a great way to do so while introducing the concept of a “Spatchcock”;  a method of preparing chicken for cooking that it results in a shorter cooking time. Chef Devin explores the tradition of making fondant potatoes or ‘pommes fondantes’.  The preparation involves cutting potatoes in cylinders, browning, and slowly roasting them in butter and stock. Sauce-making is considered a Chef’s best weapon in the kitchen and tonight you will learn how to make a simple pan sauce of capers and lemons which can easily be applied to other recipes. Tonight’s French Classics class examines the art of butchery, roasting and basting and pan-sauce making. This would be a lovely dinner to recreate next weekend at the Thanksgiving table!

spatchcock cornish hen | fondant potatoes | creamed kale | caper and lemon pan sauce

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Gougeres w/ gruyere cheese - $10 (per dozen)

OPTIONAL DESSERT ADD-ON (serves 4): Poire belle Helene, poached pear w/ roasted almonds, Pascale’s French Vanilla ice cream (GF), $40

GF = gluten free | DF = dairy free | Veg = Vegetarian | VN = Vegan | NF = Nut Free