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LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Devin Marhue:
Southern Cooking (Wednesday, July 29, 6:00-7:30pm)

This family friendly meal means you can get many hands in the kitchen with biscuit making and dredging duties during the class! A perfect “all hands on deck” class, Chef Devin has specially designed this format for little fingers to get involved (and to enjoy eating!). The end result? Soul-satisfying Southern comfort fare the whole family can get behind! 

Chicken and Biscuits: buttermilk biscuits; chicken and roasted garlic ragout; Fieldless greens with grainy mustard vinaigrette.

OPTIONAL DESSERT ADD-ON: Ice Cream Sandwiches, $32 (makes 6)

Corn cookie with Merry Dairy strawberry ice cream, dipped in peanuts.  Makes 6 ice cream sandwiches: 12 cookies to bake at home + 1 pint of ice cream + chopped peanuts.


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Dom's Hot Sauce

This is the perfect opportunity to try Dom's house made hot sauce with this week's southern cooking dish!  Head back to the Shop or click 'continue shopping' to add it to your cart!

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