October 16 - Greek Inspirations

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October 16 - Greek Inspirations

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Devin Marhue: Kale and Feta Spanikopita (Friday, October 16, 6:00-7:30pm)

Tonight’s class we take a trip to sunny Greece and dream of dining alfresco admidst bright blue seas and white coastal villas. Spanikopita are tastly little “packages” of flavour – and tonight’s tasty morsels are stuffed with kale and feta. We’ll pair our vegetarian savoury parcels with Skordalia potatoes - a traditional preparation in Greek cuisine punctuated with rich olive oil and acidic punch, and savoury eggplant dip (pre-made).Tonight’s class focuses on working with phyllo pastry, and perfecting a “flag” fold technique commonly used for this type of recipe.

kale and feta spanikopita | Greek skordalia potatoes | cucumber and dill salad | Greek melitzanosalata (roasted eggplant dip) | baked pita chips (vegetarian)

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: UE Marinated Olives (500ml) + Feta, $9.00

OPTIONAL DESSERT ADD-ON (serves 2): bake at home baklava (DF), $16

GF = gluten free | DF = dairy free | Veg = Vegetarian | VN = Vegan | NF = Nut Free