September 25 - Korean Favourites

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September 25 - Korean Favourites

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Devin Marhue:
Korean Bimbibap (Friday, September 25, 6:00-7:30pm)

The savoury, sweet and sour flavours of Korean food are a welcome addition to your weekly meal planning and once you have these recipes in your repertoire, we guarantee they will become one of your household’s favourties! Bimbibap is a Korean rice dish – “bibim” translates into mixing various ingredients while the “bap” refers to the rice component. Chef Devin’s beef version is topped with delicious pickled veg, sesame bean sprouts and our house-made kimchi. Tonight’s class techniques focus on marinating, sautéing and pickling.

beef bulgogi (NF, DF) | quick pickled cucumbers (NF, DF, GF | sesame bean sprouts (VN, DF, NF, GF) | UE Kimchi (VN, DF, NF, GF) | sticky rice (VN, DF, NF, GF)

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: extra UE Kimchi (250ml), $5.50

OPTIONAL DESSERT ADD-ON (serves 2): Sweet Potato Cookie Sandwich w/ spiced butter cream, candied sesame (NF), $16  (bake at home cookies)