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campus food service

Students begin to form their food choice patterns upon leaving home, when faced with dozens of new decisions and choices. This is a pivotal time to expose students to locally sourced food that is nutrient-rich, wholesome and made from scratch. Let the urban element bring its fresh philosophy and passion for food to your campus dining experience.

culinary consulting

Looking to grow or expand your culinary business in a new or different direction? Let us help your business grow and flourish with our proven business experience, culinary management expertise, and established network of chefs and culinary experts. We have experience collaborating with local businesses and can provide valuable insights and resources to assist you with your culinary start-up project, business plan/concept development, policy and procedure development, recipe development, recipe testing, and food styling.

Projects we’re proud to be involved with:

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We are passionate about helping to change the way people eat and think about food.
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