Urban Element

Meet Carley, Oliver and Payton – read more about why we do what we do!

Payton Kennedy

Payton has worked in events for the past 15 years in both Toronto and Ottawa. Her experience includes large-scale event production and management, as well as food & beverage management. A few of her many past projects include events for Smirnoff Vodka, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto Concert for SARS as well as five seasons of Ottawa Fashion Week. She continues to be involved in Ottawa’s event scene as a member of the Loft Gala Team (in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.)

Knowing that success is ‘all in the details’, Payton works closely with our private and corporate clients to ensure flawless planning and execution for every event. The scope of her work ranges from sales planning and development, to the design and creation of custom and packaged offerings; from scheduling and managing our event and service staff, to general venue and offsite operations.

Carley Schelck

Living passionately with the attitude of ‘all things food’, Carley has always been inspired by the creativity and challenges that the hospitality and food industry presents. Carley brings over 25 years of hospitality, food, beverage and hotel management to the table, combining her personal culinary passions with her business degree to create an event venue that satiates both foodies and wine aficionados alike.

The urban element, launched by partners Carley & Oliver Schelck in 2005, was created with a vision to foster a passionate team of food professionals to deliver exceptional, unique and one-of-a-kind culinary event experiences in an inspiring environment. Carley spends her time between the urban element and being on campus, growing her mandate of bringing healthy wholesome and from-scratch foods to institutional settings. From hiring and managing a team of 30 + employees to planning menus, corporate sales, marketing and public relations – every day is a new opportunity, and she embraces it with passion and optimism!

Oliver Schelck

Oliver always knew a good kitchen party when he stumbled across one – a penchant for homegrown hospitality that helped to make his and his wife Carley’s vision a reality. Oliver brings a wealth of sales experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to the team, as well as to work in operations, administration and logistics.

Growing up with a European heritage, Oliver is no stranger to good food and drink. He brings a passion for hospitality excellence to every task, and is inspired by all the culinary greatness found in the Ottawa area. Oliver can often be found at one of the urban element’s three outlets, enduring the hard task of “taste testing" all the delectable offerings coming out of the kitchen!

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