April 13 to 15 - April Break Virtual Cooking Camp

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April 13 to 15 - April Break Virtual Cooking Camp

LIVE - Online Cooking Camp with Chef Kassandra Pietropaolo

Tuesday, April 13 to Thursday April 15; 9am – 11:00am + break + 1:30pm – 4:00 pm (daily)

$150/day/household includes: live chef instruction, delivered food/ingredient kit for lunch & dinner for 4 people (save $50 if you sign-up for all three)

urban element has just the thing to capture the imagination of the junior wannabe chef – cooking camp! Helping a young cook gain confidence in the kitchen is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime and what better time to learn a life skill then now. This year we will be bringing the cooking to you!  This unique camp is geared ideally towards 12 to 15 year olds and they will be taking over the kitchen for up to three days, taking care of all the meals for your household.  Each day our budding chefs learn basic skills, techniques and culinary interpretations. We’ll also explore different types of cuisine and learn, hands-on, the value of cooking from scratch. Our one-of-a-kind virtual March Break kids’ camp experience includes recipes for lunch and dinner for the whole family, plenty of instruction and inspiration, and all food to create these delicious meals will be delivered to your door.  

Over the course of the three days, campers will make:


Lunch: Tator Tot Poutine! Homemade oven-baked tater tots, cauliflower, homemade gravy, cheese curds

Dinner: Chicken enchiladas, homemade tortillas, black bean and corn salsa

Baked item : Raspberry and chocolate crumble muffins


Lunch: Ham and cheese brioche rolls (premade dough), crudites, ranch dip

Dinner: Meatballs (beef) in tomato sauce, zucchini fries, creamy garlic dipping sauce

Baked item : Ricotta cookies with lemon glaze


Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwich.

Dinner: Turkey and cabbage dumplings, soy ginger dipping sauce, sticky rice, bok choi w/ creamy sesame dressing

Baked item: Banana cake with chocolate cream cheese icing

Note - this entire menu is NUT FREE (contains sesame); unfortunately we cannot make any dietary modifications to the menu at this time 

The April break Virtual Camp Schedule: 

9am-11am: cooking lunch and baked items for 4 people 

11am-1:30pm: camera break, eat lunch, clean up and re-set

1:30pm-4pm: dinner and finishing baked items for 4 people