April 8 - Sugar Shack

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April 8 - Sugar Shack
April 8 - Sugar Shack
April 8 - Sugar Shack
April 8 - Sugar Shack

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Kass Pietropaolo: Sugar Shack (Thursday, April 8, 6:00-7:30pm)

Take heart: spring is here! And with warming temperatures comes the sugaring season.  Tonight we celebrate the virtues of Canada’s sweetest and stickiest food export. Join us for a delicious menu of items prepared with Canada’s famous “liquid gold. We’ll make

Maple-mustard braised ham

Baked beans

Roasted parsnips and potatoes

Maple syrup dumplings (dessert)

These dishes contain pork, gluten, dairy


OPTIONAL ADD-ON SIDE & DESSERT, serves 2 w/ 2 servings option ($30); serves 4 w/ 4 servings option ($60)

SIDE: Split pea soup + ½ baguette

DESSERT: Vanilla ice cream

OPTIONAL WINE PAIRING: red or white wine (TBD), $30 per bottle

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