September 12 - Canning 101

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September 12 - Canning 101

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Tara Rajan: Canning 101 (Sunday, September 12, 10:00am - 12:30pm)

Are your mason jars still sitting empty on the shelf? Not to fear, Chef Tara will make sure your pantry is stocked with delicious accouterments that are sure to add summer-fresh flavours, no matter the time of year. Whether you’re a novice or veteran when it comes to canning & preserving, you’ll learn some great tips and tricks along with all your goodies. We will prepare approximately 4 jars (8 oz/240 ml each) of each of the following canned items:

  • Dilled pickled carrots
  • Purple plum chutney
  • Roasted vegetable pasta sauce

Notes: participants will require twelve 250-ml Mason jars with two-piece lids (metal rings and new rubber-rimmed lids), as well as a canning pot (or large deep saucepan with lid), canning tongs and magnetic “wand” (to remove lids from hot water bath).  


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