January 16 - Date Night! Izakaya

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January 16 - Date Night! Izakaya

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Dominic Paul: Saturday, January 16, 6:00-7:30pm

This is date night, done right folks! Have a little fun with us in the kitchen; this is the perfect, interactive way to spend time together and earn bonus points for thinking outside the box. Tonight, Chef Dominic will be your online chaperone and guide us along as we prepare a fun menu of Japanese bar snacks:

Nasu Dengaku (broiled eggplant w/ miso) | Gyoza (cabbage & pork fried dumplings) | Negima Yakitori (chicken & scallion skewers w/ teriyaki sauce)

OPTIONAL ADD-ON SIDE & DESSERT, serves 2 w/ 2 servings option ($30); serves 4 w/ 4 servings option ($60)

SIDE: Japanese cabbage salad w/ UE ‘wafu’ sauce

DESSERT: Kasutera, traditional Japanese sponge cake served w/ matcha whipped cream & fried wild rice

OPTIONAL WINE PAIRING: red or white wine, $30 per bottle

GF = gluten free | DF = dairy free | Veg = Vegetarian | VN = Vegan | NF = Nut Free