July 16: North African Meze

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July 16: North African Meze

July 16, 5pm – 7:30 pm @ Corner Peach kitchen

This class will feature appetizer-style dishes inspired by the Maghreb.  To give guests the opportunity to sample as many of these delicious mezes as possible, we’ll divide into two groups.  One group will make: grilled lamb/beef merguez patties and eggplant zaalouk (warm eggplant and tomato salad).  The other group will make sweet potato breiks (savoury pastries), tomato/roasted pepper/olive/caper salad, and preserved lemon yogurt. Begin the evening with a lentil lemon soup prepared by Chef Tara and we will end the night on a sweet note with a rotating dessert from the Corner Peach kitchen. Dietary considerations: this menu contains gluten, dairy and meat (beef and lamb).  The dessert may contain egg, gluten and dairy.