Kids Fundamentals: Sunday Series (4 Days)

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Kids Fundamentals: Sunday Series (4 Days)

Outside of our popular summer camp programs, we are thrilled to be offering our first ever series of “Fundamentals of Cooking” for ages 9-12.

Whether your young cook is new to the kitchen or has familiarity with the culinary world, learning foundations and practicing fundamentals of cooking will always serve them well in helping to develop important life skills and promote creative independence.

Participants will work individually and be equipped with all the necessary wares to prep and cook at their own station under the professional guidance of Chef Laura Nash. The workshops run in a series of consecutive weeks, developed with progressive skill building and advancement in mind. Series includes four 5-hour workshops, Chef instruction, all ingredients, recipes, lunch and take-home items.

 Class 1 – Knife Skills (Sunday, September 13, 10am - 3pm)

Series Intro, Chef rules, kitchen safety, kitchen tour: Knife cuts (small, medium, large, brunoise, julienne); Autumn Vegetable Soup; Monte Cristo Sandwiches; Sweet Scones w/ Apple Butter

Class 2 – Brunch (Sunday, September 20, 10am - 3pm)

Huevos Rancheros: Poached Eggs; Hand Made Tortillas; Salsa; Guacamole; Refried black beans; Mayan Chocolate Pudding

Class 3 – Homemade Pasta + Sauces (Sunday, September 27, 10am - 3pm)

Homemade Gnocchi; Duo of Sauces: Tomato + Pesto; Steamed & sautéed seasonal vegetables (how to sauté); Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

Class 4 – Poultry Fundamentals (Sunday, October 4, 10am - 3pm)

Proper handling of poultry; Chicken Supreme (cleaning, seasoning & searing techniques); Classic Caesar Salad – Vinaigrette; Sweet potato frites + aioli; Mini Pumpkin Pie Tartlets