March 4- The Perfect Italian Meatball

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March 4- The Perfect Italian Meatball

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Kassandra Pietropaolo: The Perfect Italian Meatball (Friday March 4, 6:00-7:30pm)

Tonight, Chef Kass is in the kitchen showing us all her tricks of the trade when it comes to everyone’s favourite the meatball.  Using three different types of meat, Kass shares the perfect combo to get the most flavourful ball that will slowly simmer away in a homemade tomato sauce.  Join us as we make;

perfect meatballs with homemade tomato sauce with crispy polenta and green salad with radicchio and a lemon caper dressing

Contains beef, veal, and pork, dairy, gluten, and egg but is nut-free

OPTIONAL ADD-ON SIDE & DESSERT, serves 2 w/ 2 servings option ($30); serves 4 w/ 4 servings option ($60)

SIDE: Minestrone soup

DESSERT: Olive oil cake with blueberry compote and amaretti crumble

Add-ons are vegetarian. Contains dairy, egg, gluten, and nuts

OPTIONAL WINE PAIRING: red or white wine (TBD), $30 per bottle