September 24 - Date Night: Spanish Classics

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September 24 - Date Night: Spanish Classics

LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Dominic Paul:  Date Night: Spanish Classics (Friday, September 24, 6:00-7:30pm)

It’s with good reason these dishes are referred to as classics, they’re just that amazing! Oh, and they also happen to lend themselves perfectly to early fall dining; fresh, abundant, and full of flavour. Win/win! Join Chef Dominic Paul as he walks you through creating these long-loved dishes that are perfect for date night. This evening we’ll make:

 Shrimp and Chorizo paella, roasted garlic aioli, and Pan con tomate

Contains pork, shrimp, chicken, gluten, and eggs, but is dairy and nut free

OPTIONAL ADD-ON SIDE & DESSERT, serves 2 w/ 2 servings option ($30); serves 4 w/ 4 servings option ($60)

SIDE: Gazpacho

DESSERT: Spanish sponge cake with oranges and almonds

The add-ons are vegetarian, contains gluten, eggs, nuts and dairy.

OPTIONAL WINE PAIRING: red or white wine (TBD), $30 per bottle