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LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Anna March:
Dumpling Party (Wednesday, June 3, 5:00-6:30pm)

Turkey, ginger and Napa Cabbage gyoza, chili hoisin dip, short grain rice, miso glazed bok choi and edamame beans, scallion, cilantro and chilies salad: includes all ingredients, 90 minute online live cooking class with Chef Instructor Anna March.

SIGNATURE - Netflix Picnic: Mediterranean Flavours

Za’atar pita chips; trio of dips (muhammara dip ~ roasted red pepper & walnut, roasted garlic hummus, smokey eggplant dip); marinated olives and feta; box of baklava.

FRIENDS @ UE - Mariposa Farm

This week we feature the lovely Mariposa Farm, located in nearby Plantagenet. This meal kit includes Mariposa's delectable duck confit (seasoned, cooked), with a simple and delicious recipe for a one-pot vegetable and green lentil “casserole” and spring ramp butter (duck, lentils and canola oil products all from Mariposa Farm). Ian and Suzanne, farm owner and operators, are integral to the Ottawa restaurant community and we admire their dedicated commitment to sustainable farming and sharing the in the enjoyment of quality regional products.

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