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LIVE - Online Cooking Class with Chef Devin Marhue:
Middle Eastern Flavours (Wednesday, May 27, 5:00-6:30pm)

Lamb kofta with chickpea and couscous salad, tahini mint yoghurt sauce: includes all ingredients, 90 minute online live cooking class with Executive Chef Devin Marhue

SIGNATURE - Le Coprin Mushroom Risotto - Chef Anna March

Mushrooms are a classic pairing in risotto. What makes this dish particularly special is the addition of Le Coprin mushrooms, lovingly cultivated by Christophe, who operates his farm in Farrellton, Quebec. Served on the side: spring ramp garlic bread, to be baked on Nat’s Sourdough Baguette.

FRIENDS @ UE - featuring The Wellington Gastropub

We are excited to collaborate this week with Chef Chris of this neighbourhood fave, The Wellington Gastropub. On the menu: THE best cornbread (ready to go – just needs to be warmed in the oven), Butternut Squash + Pear Soup (to be re-heated) and Pan Fried Scallops, stewed lentils with tomatoes and leeks + raisin caper vinaigrette (pan fry scallops at home, other ingredients prepared). 

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