Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Holiday Feast: A Catering Company's Guide

As the holiday season approaches, the art of pairing the perfect wine with each course of your festive meal becomes an essential part of the culinary experience. At Urban Element, we believe that the right wine can elevate your dining experience, transforming a simple meal into an unforgettable event. Let's explore some ideal pairings for a classic holiday menu.

1. Starting with Salads: Ontario Riesling A bright, acidic Ontario Riesling is the perfect companion to begin your meal, especially if you're serving a hearty green salad. This varietal won't overpower a light starter or vegetable side dish. Instead, it offers a refreshing contrast to tangy-sweet vinaigrettes and smoky bacon lardons. With notes of crisp green apple, lemon, and stone fruit, it's a delightful match for nutty toppings, like the almond gremolata on our green beans.

2. Main Course Magic: Ontario Pinot Noir For main courses like our juniper and rosemary-cured confit turkey legs or a hearty vegetarian tourtière, a slightly chilled Ontario Pinot Noir is an impeccable choice. Known for its tart red fruit flavours, including raspberry, red currant, sour cherry, and cranberry, this wine provides a refreshing counterbalance to the rich, earthy flavours of these dishes.

3. Indulgent Sides: Oak-Fermented Ontario Chardonnay The buttery, creamy textures of holiday side dishes like whipped Yukon Gold potatoes and soft dinner rolls with whipped butter pair wonderfully with a full-bodied Ontario Chardonnay. Fermented in oak barrels and aged sur lie, this wine's notes of lemon and tropical fruits stand up beautifully to the richness of these classic sides.

4. Decadent Desserts: Ice Wine or Tawny Port For a sweet finish to your meal, dessert wines like ice wine or tawny port are sublime. These wines, with their notes of dried fruits, nuts, and spices, complement our Grand Marnier-infused chocolate dessert exquisitely. The sweetness of these wines enhances the decadence of this final course.

5. Non-Alcoholic Options Not everyone indulges in alcoholic beverages, and we've got you covered with luxury options like kombucha, zero-proof piquette, or a wine proxy. These non-alcoholic choices ensure that everyone at your table can enjoy a special drink paired with their meal.

Elevate Your Holiday Dining with Professional Catering Pairing the right wine with each course of your holiday feast can transform a simple meal into a culinary adventure. At Urban Element, we specialize in creating these memorable dining experiences. Whether it's a family gathering or a corporate holiday event, our expert catering services promise to add that special touch to your celebrations. Contact us today to plan your next event and let us take your holiday dining experience to the next level.